Risk Assessments, churches & go-kart races

All church staff and volunteers need to undertake proper and careful risk assessments of your activities especially if there is a possible inherent danger.
Your insurer will require that you do so as well as the courts, see the recent WA Supreme Court decision of Apostolic Church Australia Limited v Dixon [2018] WA SCA 146 (21Aug18).


The local church conducted a go-kart race in their church car park. No risk assessment was undertaken and no protective barriers were erected. Sadly the probably inevitable go-kart spill occurred  with serious injury to the go-kart driver.

The church was held legally liable for the injuries because of their failure to undertake any risk assessment as well as their failure the erect suitable protective barriers.

Contact Solicitor Philip Gerber at gerberlegal@bigpond.com for advice about these sorts of matters.


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