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Philip Gerber is a Lawyer with 33 years of legal experience, based in the Sydney metropolitan area, Australia.

Philip operates a mobile office. He provides advice and advocacy, in person, at a place convenient to you the client (Sydney Metro. only. Skype available  for clients outside Sydney Metro).

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Risk Assessments, churches & go-kart races

All church staff and volunteers need to undertake proper and careful risk assessments of your activities especially if there is a possible inherent danger. Your insurer will require that you do so as well as the courts, see the recent WA Supreme Court decision of Apostolic Church Australia Limited v Dixon [2018] WA SCA 146 … Continue reading Risk Assessments, churches & go-kart races

Are wills effective which treat children equally?

Charlwood v Charlwood [2017] NSWSC 1033 (10 August 2017) The Plaintiff, an adult child of the deceased, made a claim for a family provision order because he wanted more than an equal share of his parent’s will. There was no dispute as to the Plaintiff’s eligibility as a child of the deceased. The Defendant was also … Continue reading Are wills effective which treat children equally?

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