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Philip Gerber is a Lawyer with 33 years of legal experience, based in the Sydney metropolitan area, Australia.

Philip operates a mobile office. He provides advice and advocacy, in person, at a place convenient to you the client  or by phone (in person to Sydney Metro. only.  Zoom, or Skype available  for clients outside Sydney Metro).

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Appointment of Enduring Guardian

An Enduring Guardian is someone you appoint to make lifestyle and health decisions on your behalf, when you don’t have the capacity to make them for yourself. An Enduring Guardian cannot make financial decisions. A Power of Attorney is required for financial decisions and transactions You decide the areas or ‘functions’ that you wish to give to … Continue reading Appointment of Enduring Guardian

Risk Assessments, churches & go-kart races

All church staff and volunteers need to undertake proper and careful risk assessments of your activities especially if there is a possible inherent danger. Your insurer will require that you do so as well as the courts, see the recent WA Supreme Court decision of Apostolic Church Australia Limited v Dixon [2018] WA SCA 146 … Continue reading Risk Assessments, churches & go-kart races

Are wills effective which treat children equally?

Charlwood v Charlwood [2017] NSWSC 1033 (10 August 2017) The Plaintiff, an adult child of the deceased, made a claim for a family provision order because he wanted more than an equal share of his parent’s will. There was no dispute as to the Plaintiff’s eligibility as a child of the deceased. The Defendant was also … Continue reading Are wills effective which treat children equally?

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