Powers of Attorney

From time to time a person needs someone else to look after their affairs for them. This might be a temporary situation such as being hospitalised or overseas.

It is also worth looking forward to the possibility that because of age or incapacity you need to rely on a trusted spouse, relative or friend on a more permanent basis. TRUST is the main thing. Although a person has a duty to act in your interests and not their own it can be unclear.

Without a power of attorney those who want to help you may have to apply to the Guardianship Division of NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) for permission to look after your affairs.

Everyone, but especially seniors, should complete and sign a power of attorney. What to put in the document can be tricky and it’s worth getting legal advice.

Contact Solicitor Philip Gerber at gerberlegal@bigpond.com  for advice and to prepare your power of attorney.

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