What Lawyers Cost?

Remember when your Lawyer was a best and trusted friend and advisor and it wasn’t just about the money?

Now there is a Lawyer who is reviving this ideal.

Philip Gerber at Gerber Legal offers advice and advocacy. He is:

Experienced – 33 years a Lawyer.

Affordable – not free, you get what you pay for, charging well under the average cost of other Lawyers. e.g. Initial face-to-face 1 hr+ consultation: $220.00 incl GST. He will provide you with a written costs fixed-price disclosure (quote) if the matter is going to cost more than $750.00.

Accessible – deals directly with you, comes to you (Sydney Metro), or by Skype, communicates in understandable language and has an approachable manner.

Contact Philip for more information, hourly rates or a quote at gerberlegal@bigpond.com

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